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An Equal Opportunity Employer
is requesting quotations from all qualified
sub-contractors and/or material suppliers for the following project:

Reference: County Job No. 301691
Jellys Ferry Road Bridge Replacement

Located in Tehama County, CA

Owner: County of Tehama, Department of Transportation

Bid Date: Sep 10, 2019  at  03:00 PM

We are requesting bids for the following trades and/or material suppliers:
Construction Staking, Lead Compliance Plan, Develop Water Supply, Construction Area Signs, Traffic Control System, Type III Barricade, Temporary Pavement Marking (Paint), Temporary Traffic Stripe (Paint), Channelizer (Surface Mounted), Temporary Alternative Crash Cushion (Narrow), Maintain Traffic, Temporary Signal And Lighting, Temporary Railing (Type K), Prepare Storm Water Pollution Prevention Plan, Rain Event Action Plan, Storm Water Sampling And Analysis Day, Storm Water Annual Report, Temporary Hydraulic Mulch, Temporary Hydroseed, Temporary Drainage Inlet Protection, Temporary Fiber Roll, Temporary Gravel Bag Berm, Temporary Construction Entrance, Street Sweeping, Temporary Active Treatment System, Temporary Concrete Washout, Remove Yellow Painted Traffic Stripe (Hazardous Waste), Treated Wood Waste, Anti-Spawning Mats, Contractor-Supplied Biologist (LS), Natural Resource Protection Plan, Fish Protection, Temporary Wetland Protection Mat (LS), Remove Fence (Type BW, 3-4 Wire), Remove Fence (Type BW, 5-7 Wire), Remove Wood Planter Curb, Relocate Rock Address And Mailbox, Relocate Sign Structure (Yana Trail Head), Relocate Sign Structure (Kiosk\Bulletin Board), Reconstuct Sign Structure (Jellys Ferry), Temporary High-Visibility Fence, Clearing And Grubbing (LS), Dust Palliative, Roadway Excavation, Channel Excavation, Ditch Excavation, Imported Borrow (CY), Decomposed Granite, Duff (Acre), Rolled Erosion Control Blanket (Jute Mesh), Hydromulch, Fiber Rolls, Hydroseed, Compost (CY), Incorporate Materials, Class 2 Aggregate Base (CY), Hot Mix Asphalt (Type A), Place Hot Mix Asphalt Dike (Type C), Place Hot Mix Asphalt Dike (Type E), Place Hot Mix Asphalt Dike (Type F), Place Hot Mix Asphalt (Miscellaneous Area), Remove Base And Surfacing, Minor Concrete (Minor Structure), Picnic Table Unit (Accessible), 12" Reinforced Concrete Pipe, 15" Reinforced Concrete Pipe, 18" Reinforced Concrete Pipe, 18" Corrugated Steel Pipe (.064" Thick), 24" Corrugated Steel Pipe (.064" Thick), 30" Corrugated Steel Pipe (.064" Thick), Drainage Inlet Marker, Remove Culvert (LF), Small-Rock Slope Protection, Minor Concrete (Curb)(CY), Manhole Frame And Cover, Parking Bumper (Precast Concrete), Relocate Mailbox, Fence (Type Wm, Metal Post), Temporary Fence (Type Cl-6), Remove Wood Fence, Remove Gate, Reset Gate, Pavement Marker (Retroreflective), Marker (Culvert), Object Marker (Type P), Remove Marker, Salvage Roadside Sign, Relocate Roadside Sign-One Post, Roadside Sign - One Post, Midwest Guardrail System, Transition Railing (Type Wb-31), Alternative In-Line Terminal System, Alternative Flared Terminal System, Remove Guardrail, Salvage Guardrail, 6" Thermoplastic Traffic Stripe, Thermoplastic Pavement Marking, 6" Thermoplastic Traffic Stripe (Broken 12-3), Remove Painted Pavement Marking, Temporary Class 2 Aggregate Base (CY), Temporary Hot Mix Asphalt (Type A), Bar Reinforcing Steel, Shade Stucture (20' X 20'), Staining Galvanized Surfaces, 24" Temporary Culvert, 15" Steel Flared End Section, 18" Steel Flared End Section, Rock Slope Protection (1/4 T, Class V, Method B), Rock Slope Protection (150 LB, Class III, Method B), Rock Slope Protection (60 Lb, Class II, Method B), Rock Slope Protection (20 LB, Class I, Method B), Rock Slope Protection (1/2 T, Class VII, Method B), Concreted-Rock Slope Protection (Light, 150 Lb, Class III, Method B), Rock Slope Protection Fabric (Class 8), Grill Unit (Accessible), Miscellaneous Iron And Steel, Steel Pipe Gate, Remove Plastic Fence, Rock Barrier, Wood Guard Posts (Type 2), Vegetation Control Mat (Fiber or Rubber), Structure Excavation (Retaining Wall), Structure Backfill (Retaining Wall), Pervious Backfill Material (Retaining Wall), Structural Concrete, Retaining Wall, Bar Reinforcing Steel (Retaining Wall), Tubular Bicycle Railing, Concrete Barrier Type 80 (Modified), Stained Finish For Galvanized Metal Surfaces, Prepare And Stain Concrete, Bat Habitat, Temporary Construction Trestle, Hydroacoustic Monitoring, Bridge Removal, Structure Excavation (Bridge), Structure Excavation (Type D), Structure Backfill (Bridge), 48” Cast-In-Drilled-Hole Concrete Piling, "108" Cast-In-Drilled-Hole Concrete Piling", 144” Cast-In-Drilled-Hole Concrete Piling, Prestressing Cast-In-Place Concrete, Structural Concrete, Bridge Footing, Structural Concrete, Bridge, Structural Concrete, Bridge (Polymer Fiber), Structural Concrete, Approach Slab (Type N Modified), Minor Concrete, Ptfe Spherical Bearing, Joint Seal Assembly (MR 4"), Joint Seal Assembly (MR 6"), Joint Seal Assembly (MR 9"), Bar Reinforcing Steel (Bridge), 10” Welded Steel Pipe Casing (Bridge), 16” Welded Steel Pipe Casing (Bridge).

Bid documents can be viewed at or obtained from:
Plans for this project are available for review at the office of Golden State Bridge, Inc. 3701 Mallard Drive, Benicia, CA 94510 between the hours of 8:00 and 5:00 pm. The plans can be also be downloaded for free at If you would like the Plans and Specs emailed, please send your request to Miquela Fox at

Please call to discuss how Golden State Bridge, Inc. can assist you in your bonding, credit, and/or insurance needs. Also, let us know if you need assistance in obtaining necessary equipment, supplies, or materials for this project. If you are interested in submitting a subcontractor bid for this project, please fax us your quote at 925-372-8001. Should you have any questions regarding this bid, you may contact David Riccitiello at 925-372-8000 or Please be advised, Contractors and subcontractors must register with The D.I.R. (Department of Industrial Relations) in order to bid on public works projects. Registration with The D.I.R. costs $400 and covers the fiscal year (July 1 to June 30th). To verify the status of your DIR number, please visit


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