Date Of Advertisement: Nov 06, 2019

Steve P. Rados, Inc.

An Equal Opportunity Employer
is requesting quotations from all qualified
sub-contractors and/or material suppliers for the following project:

Reference: P2-122
Headworks Modifications At Plant 2 for GWRS Final Expansion
OCSD Plant 2 at 22212 Brookhurst Street, Huntington Beach, CA 92646
Located in Orange County, CA

Owner: Orange County Sanitation District (OCSD)

Bid Date: Dec 17, 2019  at  11:00 AM

We are requesting bids for the following trades and/or material suppliers:
We are attempting to obtain the highest possible participation of DBE Suppliers and Contractors for the following supplies & items of work but not limited to: concrete & cement, reinforcing bar section, steel, drainage systems, construction materials, concrete pumping, asphalt concrete, furnish & drive piling, concrete structure, minor concrete structure, reinforcing steel, waterproofing, steel structures, clean & paint steel, reinforced concrete pipe, plastic pipe/HDPE, welded steel pipe, welding contractor, sewer manhole, super 10 dump truck, construction equipment rental, demolition, pipe supports, misc. metals, ductile iron pipe & fittings, slide gates, concrete cutting & demolition, misc. pipe, valves and fittings, electrical and instrumentation.

Bid documents can be viewed at or obtained from:
The IFB Documents, notices, addenda and other communications may be viewed and downloaded through OCSD's Vendor Portal at: or be examined at the Contracts, Purchasing & Materials Management Division of the Orange County Sanitation District at 10844 Ellis Avenue, Fountain Valley, CA . An appointment is necessary to examine these documents and can be made by calling (714) 593-7309 or call Steve P. Rados, Inc. at (714)835-4612 to schedule plans and specs viewing at our office at 2002 E. McFadden Ave., Ste. 200, Santa Ana, CA 92705

Engineers Estimate: $24,900,000 DBE goal: 5% - Steve P. Rados, Inc. (SPR) is an Equal Opportunity Employer and a signatory union Contractor. Subcontractors will be required to abide by the terms and conditions of the AGC Long Form Subcontract incorporating prime contract terms and conditions, including payment provisions, and insurance requirements. SPR's listing of a subcontractor is not to be construed as an acceptance of all subcontractor's conditions or exceptions included with the subcontractor's quotes. Subcontractors will be required to provide payment & performance bond from an approved surety company for 100% of the value of the subcontracted work. SPR will pay bond premium up to 1.5% (optional). We will split items of work and provide assistance for obtaining bonds, lines of credit and/or insurance. Assistance is available in obtaining necessary equipment, supplies, materials & related assistance or services. SPR requires that subcontractors and suppliers price quote be provided at a reasonable time prior to bid to enable a complete evaluation. We will consider dividing total requirements when economically feasible into smaller tasks or quantities to permit maximum participation by DBE's in the completive process. We also require that subcontractors comply with Good Faith Effort in accordance with the law and bid requirements.

Steve P. Rados, Inc.
2002 E McFadden Ave., Ste. 200
Santa Ana, CA 92705

Phone: (714) 835-4612  Fax: (714) 835-2186
Juan Castillo

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