Date Of Advertisement: Nov 07, 2018

Reyes Construction

An Equal Opportunity Employer
is requesting quotations from all qualified
sub-contractors and/or material suppliers for the following project:

Reference: SWQ0000003
Ladera Park Stormwater Improvements Project, Los Angeles CA
6027 Ladera Park Ave Los Angeles CA 90056
Located in Los Angeles County, CA

Owner: County of Los Angeles, Public Works, CA

Bid Date: Nov 27, 2018  at  11:00 am

We are requesting bids for the following trades and/or material suppliers:
Reyes Construction is requesting bids in the areas described, but not limited to: (Subcontractors) Electrical, Drywell, Landscape and Irrigation, Masonry, reinforcing steel, shoring, instrumentation & Controls, site Concrete, Structural Concrete, Stamped Concrete, monument sign , construction site BMP’s, asphalt concrete pavement, welding, and temporary traffic control. - (Suppliers) BMP materials, temporary sound barriers, concrete ready mix, reinforcing steel, miscellaneous metal items, manhole security barrier, automatic retractable screens, Connector Pipe Screens, gravity pipe, reinforcing Concrete Pipe, Aggregates, precast stormwater treatment system, construction & demolition debris recycling, Asphalt concrete pavement, asphalt rubber hot mix, shoring and bracing, prefabricated pipe, Reinforced Concrete Box, , Cast Iron Slide Gate, Electric Motor Operators and Appurances, Flow Meter Sensors, Submersible Level Transmitters , Water Quality Monitoring Instrumentation, Water Harvesting System, Landscaping Materials, Irrigation System Materials, Electctrical Materials, Earthwork and Topsoil Placement, Tree and Shrub Planting, Decomposed Granite, Decorative Boulders, River Rock Paving, Site Furnishings and Pressure Treated Beams.

Bid documents can be viewed at or obtained from:
1. Via ISFT-please send an email request to 2. County Of Los Angeles Website :

CBEs otherwise defined as Minority/Women/Disadvantaged/Disabled Veteran owned Business Enterprises (M/W/D/DVBE) Subcontractors/Sub-consultants/Suppliers/Vendors registered as a CBE business for:

Reyes Construction
1383 S. Signal Drive
Pomona, CA 91766

Phone: (909) 242-7711  Fax: (909) 622-3053
Valerie Serrano

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This solicitation Ad will be archived 30 days after the bid date

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