ID: 639483

Archived Project

2022 CDBG Sidewalk Infill Project, Paradise CA

Butte County

Owner Reference: 9417.CON

Bid Date: 10/04/2022

Estimate: $700,000

The work in general consists of minor clearing, site work, protection and blocking of utilities, and construction of minor concrete sidewalks where none currently exist adjacent and behind existing curbs along Skyway between Neal Road and Bille Road. The work includes a secondary mobilization to fill sidewalk areas blocked for utilities after facilities have been adjusted to new grades by others and other items of work as indicated on the project bid book and plans. DBE goal is 5%. 40 working days duration.

Town of Paradise CA
Ashley Stanley
 (530) 872-6291
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Published 09/02/2022 on Construction Bid Source
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