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Cen-Cal Construction

An Equal Opportunity Employer
is requesting quotations from all qualified

DBE, MBE, WBE, SBE, Section3
sub-contractors and/or material suppliers for the following project:

2017 Lerdo Median Project Shafter, CA
Lerdo Highway, Shafter CA
Located in Kern County, CA

Owner: City of Shafter

Bid Date: Apr 20, 2018  at  11:00am

We are requesting bids for the following trades and/or material suppliers:
Item 1- Tree Demolition Item 2- Concrete Flatwork, Demolish and Remove Item 3- Concrete Paving with Integral Color Item 4- Electrical Conduit, 1 ½” Sch 40 PVC Item 5- Rain Sensor with Vandal Proof Enclosure Item 6- Master Control Valve Item 7- Flow Sensor Assembly, 1 1/2” Item 8- Fertigation Unit Assembly, 10 Gal. Item 9- Pressure Regulating Control Valve Assembly, 1” Item 10- Drip Zone Control Valve Assembly, 1” Item 11-13- Lateral Lines, 1 ¼”, 1”, ¾” PVC Sch 40 Item 14-15- Pipe Sleeve, 2”, 1 ½” PVC Sch 40 Item 16- Wire Sleeve, 1 ½” PVC Sch 40 Item 17- Dripper Line Item 18- Drip System Flush Valve Assembly Item 19- Deep Root Bubbler Assembly (Tree) Item 20- Fine Grade Item 21- Soil Preparation Item 22- Weed Abatement Item 23- Mulch, 3” Thick Item 24- Box Tree, 24” Item 25- Shrub, 1 Gallon Item 26- 90 Day Post Installation Maintenance Item 27- Traffic Control Item 28- Mobilization ** Also requesting Concrete, Electrical, and Landscaping Supplier Quotes** ** All Items can be broken down by supplier and install**

Bid documents can be viewed at or obtained from:
City of Shafter 336 Pacific Avenue Shafter, CA 93263 661-746-5002
*Prospective bidders are encouraged to view the project site and required to perform their own due diligence prior to submitting a bid. * We are an equal opportunity employer and will consider all bids submitted. Subcontractors are required to hold a valid contractors license as well as current Liability, Commercial Auto & Workers Compensation Insurance with applicable limits to meet the contract documents for said project. We encourage DBE, MBE, WBE, SBE, Section 3 certified firms to contact Cen-Cal Construction to learn what assistance we can provide to you, such as: lines of credit, insurance, bonds, equipment, supplies, materials, discounts, plans and specifications, technical assistance and services, and other related services. Subcontractor and Trucking quotes/bids must be valid at minimum for the entire duration of the project stated in the contract documents. Subcontractor and Supplier bids are required by 5:00 PM April 19, 2018.

Cen-Cal Construction
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