ID 679168


PW 1808 Windward Square Water Main Replacement, Winter Park, FL

Seminole County

Owner Reference: ITB-2023-1076

Bid Date: 08/28/2023 at 02:00pm

Pre-Bid: 08/10/2023
Windward Square Pool Parking Lot 2508 Barbados Drive, Winter Park, Florida 32792

Estimate: $3,179,750

Trades: RU - Pipeline Contractor: Water Mains, Sewer Lines, Wastewater Systems & Related Structures; possible Video Camera Inspections, CU - Pipeline Contractor: Water Mains, Sewer Lines, Wastewater Systems & Related Structures; possible Video Camera Inspections, Highway, Roads, Parking Lot, Bridge, Dam, Overpass, Runways: Road Improvement/Pavement/Resurface - NAICS 237310, Concrete Contractor: CIP Concrete, Pedestrian Improvements, Sidewalks, Curbs Gutters, Driveways & Handicap ADA Ramps NIGP 913-47, Construction Zone Traffic Control Contractor - General Engineering Contractor, CG - General Engineering Contractor GEC; Subcontractor Opportunities

The purpose of the Contract is completion of the Windward Square Water Main Replacement Project. The work consists of furnishing all labor, equipment, and materials for construction of the water main replacement as shown in the drawings and specs and includes: 1. Installation of approximately 500 LF of 4-inch water main; 5,400 LF of 6-inch water main; 3,900 LF of 8- inch water main; and 2,600 LF of 12-inch water main via open cut, directional drill, and pipe bursting methods where specified. 2. Installation of all ancillary items for the new water main including but not limited to associated isolation valves, fire hydrants, wet-taps, service connections, and connection to existing water mains. 3. Surface restoration of all impacted facilities, including asphalt roadway trench repair, milling, and replacing asphalt, concrete sidewalk and curbing, driveways (concrete, stone, asphalt, pavers), paver crossing, landscaping, etc. 4. Demolition and removal of some sections of asbestos concrete watermains, and abandonment of some sections of existing watermain via grout fill. 5. Construction sequencing and maintenance of traffic to maintain water service, sewer service, and accessibility to residences at all times. The successful Bidder shall have this project attain substantial completion no later than Two Hundred Seventy-Four (274) consecutive calendar days after issuance of the Notice to Proceed and/or the City issued Purchase Order date and final completion no later than Thirty (30) consecutive calendar days after substantial completion date. Questions due by 8/21/2023, 2:00pm. Bonds required.

City of Casselberry FL

Elsie Burgess
 (407) 262-7700
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Published 08/03/2023 on Construction Bid Source

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