ID 681474


Fox Theater neon Sign Rehabilitation Design-Build, Aurora, CO

Douglas County

Owner Reference: R-5949A

Bid Date: 08/31/2023 at 10:00am

Pre-Bid: 08/17/2023
9900 E Colfax Ave., Aurora, Colorado 80010

Trades: CO-21 - General Building Contractor GBC: Building Construction Services, Subcontractor Opportunities, High Voltage Electrical Contractor (HVE): Street & Highway Lighting, Venue/Arena Lights, Luminaires, Utility, Transformer Work, CO-20 - Electrical Signs & Signage Contractor: Exterior Advertising or Wayfinding

Project will be funded using State Historical Fund (SHF) grant money and is subject to the conditions and requirements outlined in the Grant Agreement. All labor, tools, equipment, and expenses to provide a turn-key restoration neon sign for the Aurora Fox Theater. Work will include repair and restoration of to the neon sign, the marquee immediately underneath, and the marquee beneath the canopy. The neon sign restoration work will involve replacing neon tubing in-kind, replacing damaged wiring, and repainting the sign to match the original colors. Both the marquees will be rehabilitated to the original, white-paneled Plexiglas appearance. Core Project Team: The core project team for the city includes representatives from the Public Works Department who will work closely with the successful Design Builder (“Contractor”). Bonds required. Prevailing wages.

City of Aurora CO

Kristin Chewiwi
 (303) 739-7105
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Published 08/27/2023 on Construction Bid Source

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