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Bridge Replacement - S-50/Manchester Creek, York Co., SC

York County

Owner Reference: BR46022

Bid Date: 11/10/2020

ridge Requirements; 2 Each – 70 Ft. Pre-stressed Exterior Slabs.10 Each –70 Ft. Pre-stressed Interior Slabs. Bridge and components must include all hardware, connection rods, plates, nuts, rubber bearing pads, epoxy filler for dowel holes, and non-shrink grout for shear keys and dowel holes. Bridge and components must be built in accordance with SCDOT Standard Drawings for Bridges. Contractor shall use item(s) from the SCDOT Qualified Products List 11 - Cold Applied Sealants for Bridge Joints to be provided to fill dowel holes on expansion end. Precast Barrier Rail Requirements; Barrier Rails – 140 linear feet total to be provided as follows: Ten (10), ten (10) foot sections of precast concrete barrier rail with drains slots. Four (4), ten (10) foot sections of precast concrete barrier rail without drain slots with guardrail connections to be used at end of bridge. Bond is required please refer to documents for further details about wage rates. This project encouraged M/WBE participation.

South Carolina Department of Transportation
Brad Latham
 (803) 737-2020

Published 10/20/2020 on Construction Bid Source
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