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Building Demolition & Debris Removal Services, Woodfin, NC

Buncombe County

Owner Reference: 9730524113

Bid Date: 02/13/2023

Pre-Bid: 12/20/2022
Silver-Line Park, 1050 Riverside Dr., Woodfin, NC 28804

The Town of Woodfin seeks demolition and removal of a 12,218 sq ft building located at 1054 Riverside Drive, which is the site of Silver-Line Park. The Contractor will provide all credentials, materials, tools, machinery, labor, and supervision necessary for the demolition work of building, accessory structures, and appurtenances, such as wooden boardwalk and utility shed. Demolition Services will include removal of all debris from the demolition site. All work is expected to be completed by April 30, 2023. Questions via email are due 01/09/23 by 5pm.

Town of Woodfin, NC
Adrienne Isenhower
 (828) 253-4887
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Published 12/21/2022 on Construction Bid Source
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