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Campus Paving & Drainage Improvements GM 15-15348 Project, Lubbock, TX

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TTU is seeking Proposal(s) from qualified Proposer(s) for Campus Paving and Drainage Improvements which includes, but is not limited to, paving on 15th Street from Joliet Avenue to Indiana Avenue, rebuilding Boston Avenue from 15th Street North to Memorial Circle including the installation of a storm drain and inlets along Boston Avenue. Proposer(s) shall include the following: •HUB Subcontracting Plan •Pricing Proposal •Certificate(s) of Insurance •Bid Bond •Required information from Section 001000 •Any additional information as required. All questions must be in writing and directed to Kellee Smith at kellee.smity@ttu.edu. Fax # 806-742-3820.

02/16/2017 at 03:00 PM
Conference Room 101 of the Physical Plant Building, Flint Avenue & Main Street on the campus of Texas Tech, Lubbock, Texas http://www.ttu.edu/map/.
Texas Tech University - Facilities Planning & Construction,TX
(806) 834-1206
(806) 742-3261
Jeff Burns, Project Mgr
(806) 742-2116
(806) 742-2241
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