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Charlotte Mecklenburg Government Center Parking Deck Lighting Upgrades, Charlotte NC

Mecklenburg County

Owner Reference: PMFM 191579

Bid Date: 03/11/2021

Pre-Bid: 02/16/2021
WebEx only Meeting Number (access code): 180 507 0197 Meeting Password: AyPYCYm4n26

Estimate: $297,181

The scope of work of this project is to provide and install replacements for all existing light fixtures throughout the facility with LED lighting fixtures. Lighting fixtures to be replaced include, but are not limited to, pendant mounted downlights, wall packs, strip lights, and 2x2 flush mounted fixtures, and exit signs. Two (2) new architectural color-shifting architectural up lights (floods) shall be installed at two (2) corner edifices of the deck. A new lighting control system shall be installed in the existing electrical room on the main floor, and all lighting circuits shall be controlled (excluding emergency lights and exit signs). Also, all existing emergency lights and exit signs shall be replaced while also replacing the existing emergency lighting inverter in the main electrical room. A new lighting inverter shall be installed to back up all emergency light fixtures and exit signs.

City of Charlotte (GS) NC
Michael High
 (704) 621-9645
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Published 02/17/2021 on Construction Bid Source
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