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Courthouse Tree Preservation, Beaufort, NC

Carteret County

Bid Date: 02/13/2023

Details are as follows: • The Contractor shall provide an approximant cost to inspect and assess all trees on the Courthouse grounds to determine and implement the proper steps to take to eliminate any potential hazards and prolong tree life. • If the Contractor determines a tree requires complete removal, the Contractor shall remove said tree without damaging surrounding areas and stump grind a minimum of eight (8) inches below existing grade. Any and all roots associated shall be grinded and filled to match existing grade at the location. All debris resulting from the stump grinding shall be removed. The Contractor shall backfill with topsoil the same day that the stump has been grinded to ensure public safety. • The Contractor shall remove one (1) tree within the courtyard. See picture below. • The Contractor shall remove all debris and trash generated in performing the work on a daily basis. Disposal of these materials, chipped or not, is the Contractor’s responsibility and must done in a manner consistent with all applicable Local, State and Federal laws. • Existing property both County and private, including buildings, structures, vehicles, utilities, landscaping and so forth shall be protected by the Contractor. Any damages that occur shall be reported to the County and repaired or replaced by the Contractor, at the Counties discretion, at the Contractors expense.

County of Carteret NC
Ray Farnum, Project Coordinator
 (252) 241-6913
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