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Dawson County Paving Project for Three Collector Project, Dawsonville GA

Dawson County

Owner Reference: 364-20

Bid Date: 04/09/2020

Pre-Bid: 03/27/2020
Public Works Building, 60 Transportation Road Dawsonville GA 30534

This is an invitation to submit a bid to Dawson County for materials and labor to perform FDR and repaving for three collector roads, indicated herein. All connector roads and all driveways shall be tied in to make a smooth transition as agreed upon by the Owner and the Contractor. Paving plan and design mix shall be the contractor’s responsibility and shall be submitted and approved prior to starting. All testing shall be the responsibility of the contractor. Contractor pricing will include all driveway tie in with mainline, as well as intersections and turn lanes, if applicable. This includes saw cutting any driveways which protrude out into the widened roadway, if applicable. Contractor pricing will include seeding, sewing and dressing all shoulders to 3% no more than 4% fall following final paving. Shoulders shall be a minimum of 2’ from edge of payment as approved by Public Works Director prior to sewing/seeding and straw. Any deviation will be pre-approved by the Public Works Director. Shoulder shall be re-built with materials agreed upon by the Owner and the Contractor, not including millings. Contractor pricing will include adjusting all mailboxes 2’ from edge of pavement prior to the placement of the first course of asphalt. All mailboxes moved shall meet the USPS guidelines. Contractor pricing shall include all signage where required during and upon completion of the paving project to meet MUTCD. MTV has a truck unloading system which receives mixture from the hauling equipment and independently delivers mixtures from the hauling equipment to the paving equipment. Has mixture remixing capability by either a storage bin in the MTV with a minimum capacity of 14 tons (13 megagrams) of mixture and a remixing system in the bottom of MTV storage bin, or a dual pugmill system located in the paver hopper insert with two full length transversely mounted paddle mixers to continuously blend the mixture as it discharges to a conveyor system. Provides to the paver a homogeneous, non-segregated mixture of uniform temperature with no more than 20°F (18° C) difference between the highest and lowest temperatures when measured transversely across the width of the mat in a straight line at a distance of one foot to three feet from the screed while the paver is operating. If the MTV malfunctions during spreading operations, discontinue placement of hot mix asphaltic concrete after there is sufficient hot mix placed to maintain traffic in a safe manner. However, placement of hot mix asphaltic concrete in a lift not exceeding 2 in. (50 mm) may continue until any additional hot mix in transit at the time of the malfunction has been placed. Cease spreading operations thereafter until the MTV is operational. Contractor to provide all temporary raised pavement markers (TRMP) during reclaiming work and all temporary and permanent striping. A five percent (5%) bid bond, a one hundred percent (100%) payment bond, and a one hundred percent (100%) performance bond. This project encouraged MBE/WBE participation.

Dawson County
Melissa Hawk
 (706) 344-3500
 (706) 344-3889
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