ID: 568156

Archived Project

DEP SRF Harbor Road WRF Expansion, PH 2, Green Cove Springs, FL

Clay County

Owner Reference: LC 2020-19

Bid Date: 01/26/2021

Pre-Bid: 01/12/2021
Harbor Road Wastewater Treatment Facility

he Project consists of constructing: A) one (1) influent structure with 7.5 MGD (PHF) mechanical screen that includes an integral washing compactor and manual bar rack; B) influent flow splitter structure; C 1.25 MGD (AADF) oxidation ditch (“Carrousel”); D) two (2) 80-ft circular clarifiers; E) two (2) 1.5 MGD (MDF) disk filters; F) concrete chlorine contact chamber with 2 vertical turbine effluent transfer pumps; G) hypochlorite, alum, and bisulfite chemical feed systems; H) operations building; I) electrical and controls with back-up generator; J) SCADA system with integration into City’s existing SCADA system; K) yard piping and site improvements; and L) demolition and rehabilitation of existing treatment system components. Any small business concern which is organized to engage in commercial transactions, which is at least fifty-one (51) percent owned by minority persons and whose management and daily operations are controlled by such persons. Bond Required.

City of Green Cove Springs, FL
Erin West
 (904) 297-7500
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Published 12/23/2020 on Construction Bid Source
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