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East Del Paso Heights Water Improvements Project, Sacramento

Sacramento County

Owner Reference: B14141321016

Bid Date: 03/26/2014

Estimate: $950,000

The Special Provisions cover, in general, the replacement of water facilities in certainareas in the East Del Paso Heights neighborhood in Sacramento, CA. The work to beperformed consists of placing water mains, services, valves, fire hydrants, meters, andassociated work.The Contractor shall provide all labor, materials, tools, and equipment, and shallperform all work necessary to complete the subject project in place and make allrequired connections to the existing water distribution system, including disinfection andpressure testing. Bonds required. Project to be completed within 90 working days.

City Of Sacramento Utilities
Sonia Lopez
 (916) 808-1456
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Published 03/07/2014 on Construction Bid Source
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