ID: 636296

Archived Project

Emergency Generator Project Installation - County Office Building, Wampsville, NY

Madison County

Owner Reference: Wendel #615301

Bid Date: 08/16/2022

Pre-Bid: 07/29/2022
138 North Court St, County Office Building 4, meet in the atrium near the Facilities Office.

The Work of Project is defined by the Contract Documents and includes, but is not limited to, the following: The project consist of receiving and installing two owner furnished, 200kW, 480volt, 3- phase, natural gas generators; an 800 amp. automatic transfer switch; and a 40kw UPS with by-pass switch. The generators will operate in a paralleling configuration. The following equipment will be furnished by the owner: (2) 200kw generators, (1) 800amp Auto Matic Transfer Switch, 40kw UPS with separate By-Pas. With the exception of items listed in A(1) the contractor shall provide and install all remaining equipment and conduit and wiring. The contractor shall install concrete pads, electrical equipment, underground and interior conduit an wiring and other Work indicated in the Contract Documents. Below is a partial list of items to be furnished and install refer to drawings and specification for additional work and details. Install Duct Banks to Generator Pad and to Parking lot for future EV charging stations. Install new Gas service. Pour Concrete Slab. Install Generator Combiner Box and Generator Panel GP. Remove panel HVP-1 and feeder. Remove abandoned meter and back board. Relocate ATS-4 to location of removed meter extend conduits and wires as needed. Install 75KVA transformer, new 200amp IT panelboard, conduit and wire from switchboard and energize. Install Generators and ATS. Install UPS and By-Pass. Provide conduit and wiring as shown on drawings. Coordinate with the Utilities. Remove a number of ATSs (return to owner). Remove and properly dispose of the existing 125kW generator. Provide power panels. Provide As-Builts and proper closeout of project. The term of this contract will be approximately 1 year from September 15, 2022 – September 14, 2023.

County of Madison NY
Laurie Winters
 (315) 366-2247
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Published 08/03/2022 on Construction Bid Source
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