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FEMA Debris Removal Services, Bibb County, GA

Bibb County

Owner Reference: 22-043-NT

Bid Date: 05/26/2022

Project scope: Under this contract, work shall consist of coordinating and mobilizing an appropriate number of cleanup crews, as determined by the Emergency Support Function (ESF) 16 Debris Management. Work shall also include the clearing and removing of any and all “Eligible” debris as most currently defined (at the time written notice to proceed is issued to the Service Provider) by the Public Assistance grant program guidelines, FEMA Public Assistance Program and Policy Guide (PAPPG) Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Publication 321 – Public Assistance Policy Digest, FEMA Publication 322 – Public Assistance Guide, FEMA Publication 323 – Public Assistance Applicant Handbook, FEMA Publication 325 – Debris Management Guide, all applicable State and Federal Disaster Specific Guidance (DSG) documents, FEMA fact sheets and policies and as directed by the Emergency Support Function (ESF) 16 Debris Management. Eligibility also includes meeting any changes in definition, rules or requirements regarding debris removal reimbursement as stipulated by FEMA during the course of a debris removal project. The afore mentioned definition of “eligible” applies to all uses throughout Scope of Services items 1 through 17. Work will include: 1) Examining debris to determine whether debris is eligible. 2) Loading the debris. 3) Hauling debris to County approved Temporary debris management sites (TDMS)s or County approved Final Disposal Site(s). 4) Reducing disaster related debris; 5) Hauling reduced debris to a County approved Final Disposal Site; and 6) Disposing of reduced debris at a County approved Final Disposal Site. Debris not defined as eligible by FEMA Publication 325 or state or Federal DSGs or policies will not be loaded, hauled or dumped under this contract unless written instructions are given to the Service Provider by the County Debris Manager. It shall be the Service Provider’s responsibility to load, transport, reduce and properly dispose of any and all disaster generated debris which is the result of the event under which the Service Provider was issued notice to proceed, unless otherwise directed by the County Debris Manager, in writing. Questions via email to Owner no later than 7 days prior to bid due date.

County of Macon-Bibb GA
Nan Tharpe
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Published 04/29/2022 on Construction Bid Source
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