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Genesee Hill Elementary School Replacement, Seattle, WA

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$25,500,000 - $26,500,000
The work will include but is not limited to demolition of the existing Genesee Hill Elementary School building and site utilities. Construction will include a new 91,281 square foot building with a capacity of 660 students and new site improvements. Abatement will occur under a separate contract. The new structure has two (2) and three (3) story elements. The three (3) story academic wing is pin pile supported. The structure is steel framed with masonry walls. First floor is concrete slab-on-grade and upper floors have concrete slabs on metal decking. There are new site landscaping improvements, paved parking, hardscape walkways and site grade adjustments as necessary for the new improvements and new site utilities and connections and site storm drainage are also part of the scope of work.

03/27/2014 at 10:00 AM
Genesee Elementary School, 5012 Southwest Genesee Street, Seattle, WA 98116. Check in at the main entrance.
Seattle School District No. 1
(206) 252-0571
(206) 743-3018

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(206) 252-0571
(206) 743-3018
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