The work of this contract gen">

ID: 604597

Archived Project

Hardee Lakes Splash Pad, Bowling Green, FL

Hardee County

Owner Reference: ITB-22-001

Bid Date: 11/30/2021

Pre-Bid: 10/28/2021
Mosaic Building in Hardee Lakes Park - 5502 Ollie Roberts Rd, Bowling Green, FL 33834. Contact Danny Weeks at 863-773-3419 if directions are needed.

The work of this contract generally consists of construction of a Splash Pad at Hardee Lakes Park, 5502 Ollie Roberts Road, Bowling Green, Florida. Copies of the plans and specifications are on file and available upon request.

County of Hardee FL
Carmen Soles
 (863) 773-5014
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Published 10/18/2021 on Construction Bid Source
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