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Archived Project

Highway Rehabilitation And Reconstruction, York Co., SC

York County

Owner Reference: P039449, P039451, P039464, P039790

Bid Date: 11/10/2020

Notice is hereby given that the SCDOT will accept electronic bid proposals for the highway improvements. The RCE will determine the limits of distressed pavement and will mark width and length of patches. RCE / RME will inspect the road and ensures that drainage is adequate and no additional work needs to be done to the ditches and shoulders to promote proper drainage. The RCE may elect to obtain random cores if needed to determine proper depth of distressed area to be patched. Construct patches with a minimum size of 6.5 feet x 6.5 feet with at least 25 feet between patches. Care should be taken to ensure that longitudinal joints do not end up in the wheel paths. In the event that considerable quantities of full depth patching (FDP) are encountered, the RCE will consult with the State Pavement Design Engineer to consider other rehabilitation methods. Remove the pavement to the depth indicated in the Plans, ensuring that the face of the cut is straight and vertical, with the exception of tapers needed to get equipment in and out of the patched area. If unstable material is encountered, remove additional material as directed by the RCE. Backfill the volume of the material removed below the patch with material meeting the requirements of Section 305, Graded Aggregate Base, and thoroughly compact in layers not exceeding 4 inches with a vibratory compactor. Thoroughly tack the sides of the existing pavement before placing the asphalt patch material in the hole. Bond is required please refer to documents for further details. The Bidder is encouraged to use DBE subcontractors on this project. This project encouraged DBE participation.

South Carolina Department of Transportation
Brad Latham
 (803) 737-2020

Published 10/15/2020 on Construction Bid Source
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