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JCMS Baseball Concession Stand, Monticello, GA

Jasper County

Bid Date: 12/10/2021

1. Materials will be supplied by BOE 2. Contractor shall supply all labor, tools, equipment, and forms to complete the job. Slab: ·  Install batter boards, forms, gravel, wire, plastic, and rebar for the monolithic slab. · Thicken slab with rebar at divide wall location · Install vertical rebar every 4’, 3 at each corner, and at each side of an opening · Vertical rebar through top course. Walls: · Outside walls 8” CMU 15 courses ·Inside walls 6” CMU 15 courses ·Ladder wire every 2 courses Top course channel block, with rebar, and filled        ·Channel block above every opening with rebar and filled, 16” past opening. ·Frame up one (1) 8’ x 8’ garage door openings for block opening ·Set 5 metal door frames provided by BOE ·Install top plates and anchor to block · Install roof trusses Install decking and felt ·Install siding in gables 8” hardy plank siding and 2 gable vents ·Install soffit with vents Install fascia Install metal roof ·Install gutters ·Provide and install sheetrock ceiling Use ½” moisture resistant for restrooms and concession Use 5/8” moisture resistant and fire resistant in storage area. Alternate Bid: Stucco outside block. For questions please email Owner.


County of Jasper School District GA
Perry Hyde
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Published 11/10/2021 on Construction Bid Source
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