ID: 441125

Archived Project

Johnson Street Utility Improvements Hollywood, FL

Broward County

Owner Reference: 17-7042C

Bid Date: 07/20/2017

Pre-Bid: 05/31/2017
Southern Regional Watewater Treatment Plant, Bldg. A, 1621 N. 14th Avenue, Hollywood Florida 33019, ECSD Conference Room.

The work to be performed includes site, civil, mechanical, and structural work associated with the construction of the “Johnson Street Utility Improvement Project ”. The project consists of the installation of the following; approximately, 2, 411 LF of 12-in. C-905 PVC sanitary sewer main, approximately, 400 LF of 8-in. C-900 PVC sanitary sewer main, fifty-three(61) water services, sixty-one (61) 6-in PVC laterals and cleanouts, approximately 2,800 LF of 16-inch C905 PVC reuse water main, 2,800 LF of 16-inch C905 PVC transmission water main, distribution water main, fittings, valves, 10 fire hydrants and interconnections at the locations indicated in the attached construction drawings. The work also includes the reconnection of approximately 61 existing water services, along with the required pavement and striping restoration. Some of the key construction activities include survey, temporary traffic controls, clearing and grubbing, locating and protecting exiting utilities, preparation and submittal of shop drawings, piping trench excavation and shoring, installing the proposed potable water main system, backfill, density testing, pipe testing and disinfection, pavement restoration, tree relocation, sodding and other restoration. Questions due by 6/12/17 3:00 PM. Bond Required.

City of Hollywood
Vernal Sibble
 (954) 921-3628
 (954) 921-3086
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