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LAPD Police Academy- Replacement Training Facility & Administration Building/Café and 4Shooting Ranges Renovation Project, Los Angeles

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The scope of work for this project as outlined in the Bid Documents consists of the renovation of the Police Academy Administration Building/Café and adjacent Four Shooting Ranges, construction of a new Police Academy Replacement Training Facility, associated site improvements and installation of extensive underground utilities for water, fire water, sewer, storm drain, electrical power feed, and communication systems which are to be connected to the existing/new buildings. The renovation work encompasses demolition, architectural, civil, structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and communication work. The project is required to make improvements to comply with current codes for ADA and Fire Sprinklers. This includes installing an elevator in the Admin. Bldg. and the installation of a fire sprinkler system in the Admin Building/Café and Bonus Range. The project will also require abatement of lead based paint, asbestos containing material (ACM) floor tiles, mold, and soil (at three of the Shooting Ranges) with high levels of heavy metals. Local Business preference. Experience is similar size and scope of project is required.

Los Angeles
02/18/2014 at 10:00 AM
Sub-Basement Conference Room 6 1149 S Broadway Los Angeles, CA 90015 A mandatory job walk will take place at 01:00 pm
City of Los Angeles PW
(213) 847-0100
(213) 847-1794
Karmen Yuen

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(213) 847-0100
(213) 847-1794
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