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Lehigh County Authority I&I Source Reduction Improvements – Year 2, Allentown, PA

Lehigh County

Owner Reference: AD-S-21-1

Bid Date: 03/03/2021

Pre-Bid: 02/16/2021
Please contact Felipe Contreras ( for the Zoom link and for scheduling site visits.

Lehigh County Authority (LCA or “Authority”) will receive sealed bids online via the PennBid Program ( for Year 2 of the City of Allentown’s I&I Source Reduction Improvement Program. The Base Bid scope of work for this project includes rehabilitation of existing sewer pipelines, including 6,721 LF of 8” heavy cleaning, 738 LF of 10” heavy cleaning, 1,016 LF of 12” heavy cleaning, 985 joints of 8” grout sealing, 163 joints of 10” grout sealing, 119 joints of 12” grout sealing, 95 joints of 24” grout sealing, 240 LF of 8” CIPP sectional liner, 145 LF of 10” CIPP sectional liner, 2,275 LF of 8” CIPP full, 163 LF of CIPP full, 1,086 LF of 12” CIPP full and 324 LF of CIPP full. All CIPP sectional liners will be a minimum of 15 LF. The project also includes by-passing flows, as necessary, to accomplish the work. The Alternate A scope of work for this project includes 2,632 LF of 18” CCTV Investigation. The Alternate B scope of work for this project includes 2,632 LF of 18” CCTV Investigation, 2,632 LF of CIPP full and the installation of two (2) doghouse manholes. Bonds required. Prevailing wages apply.

Lehigh County Authority, PA
Felipe S. Contreras
 (609) 924-8821
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