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Line G-1 Crossing Improvements 0.6 Mile South of Alvarado Pump Station in Union City, Alameda Co, CA

Alameda County

Owner Reference: FC 3A-143

Bid Date: 12/15/2020

Pre-Bid: 12/02/2020
South end of Veasy St, Union City, CA 94587 (510-670-5268)

Estimate: $1 - $5 million

The project, in general, consists of providing and implementing water pollution control plan and job site management; clearing and grubbing; furnishing and applying water; providing trench and excavation shoring protection; providing and implementing de-watering system and temporary sheet pile cofferdams; furnishing and installing corrugated metal pipe; furnishing and installing steel sheet piles, strand ties, and walers; constructing concrete structures including aprons, staircases, and pile caps; furnishing, placing, and compacting Class 3 permeable backfill with filter fabric; furnishing and placing controlled low strength material; furnishing and installing 48-inch duckbill check valve and sluice gate; furnishing, placing and compacting Class 2 aggregate base; earthwork and all miscellaneous work necessary to complete said project. Bonds required. Prevailing wages apply. MBE Goal: 15% WBE Goal: 5%

County of Alameda, Public Works, CA
Jami Conley
 (510) 670-5268
 (510) 670-5541
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Published 11/10/2020 on Construction Bid Source
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