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Northern Landfill - Cell 6A Interim Closure, New Church, VA

Accomack County

Owner Reference: 744

Bid Date: 10/06/2022

Pre-Bid: 09/21/2022
Contact Ms. Lucy Huffman at for meeting invitation. Contractors who wish to visit the project site (North Landfill - 9400 Cutler Ln, New Church, VA 23415) should contact Greg Duncan, Deputy Director of Public Works/ Solid Waste at 757-789-9232 or 757-710-7092.

Sealed bids for the Northern Landfill Cell 6A - Interim Closure will be received by the County of Accomack. The work will include furnishing the labor, materials, and equipment for the Northern Landfill Cell 6A - Interim Closure. Work includes, but is not limited to: 1. Stripping and Grubbing 2. Erosion and Sediment Control Measures. 3. Off-Site Borrow and Hauling. 4. Earthwork. 5. Subgrade Preparation. 6. Side Slope Leachate Underdrain Collection and Conveyance System. 7. Cushion Layer Construction. 8. Skrim Geomembrane Cover Installation. 9. Wind Ballast Cover Installation. 10. Site Restoration. 11. Construction Quality Control. 12. As-Built Survey. Questions due 5 days prior to bid date.

County of Accomack VA
Lucy Huffman
 (757) 787-5709
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