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On-Call Water & Sewer Construction, Harford Co., MD

Harford County

Owner Reference: 21-221

Bid Date: 03/19/2021

Pre-Bid: 03/12/2021
Conference call: Phone: 1-415-655-0001 Access Code: #160 666 6011

Contractors will perform on-call construction of miscellaneous water and sewer projects, and provide emergency repairs and services. Contractors will be selected to perform work in two categories, in accordance with the terms described herein. Category 1 – On call construction and emergency repair of underground water and sewer utilities. Category 2 – On call construction and emergency repair of water and sewer pumping and treatment facilities. The County intends to use the services of the Contractors for performance of work required under the water and sewer construction program, routine water and sewer extensions, repairs and upgrades, and emergency contract service work. Prequalification is a requirement of this Bid. Bidders for Category 1: D1 Utilities-Sanitary Sewers up to 24”; or D1 Utilities-Sanitary Sewers 24” or Greater; or D1 Utilities-Sanitary Sewers Unlimited; AND, one of the following: D2 Utilities-Water Mains up to 24” Max. or D2 Utilities-Water Mains Unlimited. Bidders for Category 2: M – Pumping Stations and Treatment Plants/$350,000 Max. or higher capacity. Bonds required.

Harford County Government, MD
Stephanie A. Whalon
 (410) 638-3550
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