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Archived Project

Rankin Hill Stair Repairs, Ripley, OH

Brown County

Owner Reference: OHC CP#1939

Bid Date: 06/24/2021

Pre-Bid: 06/16/2021
John Rankin House Historic Site, 6152 Rankin Hill Rd. Ripley, Ohio 45167

Project location: 6152 Rankin Hill Rd. Ripley, Brown County, Ohio 45167. For construction services for the repair and restoration of the existing wood stairs on Rankin Hill, named by some also “Steps to Freedom”. Work includes: Clear the immediate stair vicinity of all shrubs, trees and similar vegetative growth of the last four years. Inspect current wood structure and determine its structural stability and conditions. Remove and replace all structurally compromised posts, stringers, rails, decking boards, treads and similar with new, while preserving as much as possible of the still sound wood components. Utilize 1991 plans for Rankin House Stairs provided by the Owner (part of Construction Documents). New posts shall be embedded into min. 8 inches round “Sack Crete” type concrete footings no less than 36” deep. All wood used shall be seasoned dimensional pressure treated lumber, marked “S‐DRY”.

Ohio History Connection, OH
Meta von Rabenau, Project Architect
 (614) 297-2443
 (614) 297-2455
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Published 06/04/2021 on Construction Bid Source
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