ID: 514487

Archived Project

Sewer (Phase IV) Improvements Project, Toppenish WA

Yakima County

Bid Date: 10/25/2019

Estimate: $6.3M

Schedule A - Gravity Sewer Replacements:The construction of approximately 21,500 feet of 8-inch to 30-inch PVC sanitary sewer main, and approximately 300 sanitary side sewer connections including but not limited to open cut installation, cured in place pipe, manhole installation, surface restoration, and traffic control. Schedule B - Carlson and South Beech Lift Stations:The construction of new lift stations at Carlson and South Beech including but not limited to a new wet well, new pumps, valve vault, electrical and controls, excavation, manhole installation, surface restoration, traffic control, and by-pass pumping.

City of Toppenish, WA
Deanne Reynold
 (509) 865-4500
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Published 10/04/2019 on Construction Bid Source
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