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Small Businesses Only: Hand Mowing, Trimming, & Litter Pickup, Anne Arundel Co., MD

Anne Arundel County

Owner Reference: 428251423SBR1

Bid Date: 03/11/2021

This open-ended, on-call, Contract consists of the hand mowing, trimming, and litter pick-up of medians and roadsides at various locations. The limits of this Contract work may extend to the other maintenance shops in this District, should extenuating circumstances dictate the need, as mutually agreed upon by both the Administration and the Contractor. This is a Small Business Reserve Procurement for which award will be limited to Certified Small Business Vendors. Prevailing wages apply.

State of Maryland Department of Transportation (MDDOT) MD
Janice M. Harris
 (410) 531-5533
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Published 02/13/2021 on Construction Bid Source
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