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Veterans Memorial Park Multipurpose Field Lighting Project, Dawsonville GA

Dawson County

Owner Reference: 362-20

Bid Date: 04/02/2020

Pre-Bid: 03/19/2020
Veterans Memorial Park Gymnasium, 186 Recreation Road Dawsonville GA 30534

This is an invitation to submit a bid to Dawson County from qualified vendors who specialize in the installation of exterior athletic LED lighting systems for Dawson County Parks/Recreation. Details are listed under Section II. Firms/individuals must provide all equipment, materials and labor to complete the scope of work, indicated herein. The Contractor shall provide and install all equipment necessary to provide a complete operational sports lighting field. Items to be provided and installed by the contractor include, but shall not be strictly limited to the following: Provide new 240-volt electrical service. Provide conduit and wire from utility disconnect to new service panel. All labor and materials necessary to install controls and monitoring cabinets (supplied by lighting manufacturer). All labor and materials necessary to offload equipment and materials at jobsite and for the installation of the new poles and foundations. All labor and materials necessary to assemble new poles. Any specialty testing if needed (concrete, subgrade). All labor and materials necessary to assemble new fixtures and terminate all necessary wiring. All labor and materials necessary to aim poles/lighting. Provide storage containers for material, (including electrical components enclosures), as necessary and waste disposal. Provide materials and equipment to install LSS foundations as specified by per lighting manufacturer provided design. Remove spoils to owner designated location at jobsite. Keep all heavy equipment off of playing fields. Repair damage to grounds that exceeds that which would be expected. Indentations caused by heavy equipment traveling over dry ground would be an example of expected damage. Ruts and sod damage caused by equipment traveling over wet grounds would be an example of damage requiring repair. Contractor will be responsible for all materials needed to prevent such damage. If required, under Section II – Scope of Work of this document any combination of the following bonds may be requested by Dawson County. A five percent (5%) bid bond, a one hundred percent (100%) payment bond, and a one hundred percent (100%) performance bond. This project encourage

Dawson County
Melissa Hawk
 (706) 344-3500
 (706) 344-3889
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