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*New Bid Date* When and Where Structural Minor Rehabilitation, Brooklyn, NY

New York County

Owner Reference: HBKBQE, PIn#84121MBRW443, EPIN#84121B0019

Bid Date: 10/28/2021

Pre-Bid: 09/03/2021
Via ZOOM. Those wishing to attend must email Harinadha Velkur at for the meeting link.

Estimate: $10,000,000

Typical Work Under This When and Where Contract: The Contractor must be capable of performing, but not limited to, the following work, as ordered to do so by the Engineer. Repair for Substructure Units May Include: Remove and repair section(s) of spalling concrete surfaces of retaining or abutment wall and foundation where required, Placement of structural fill where required, Placement of temporary scaffolding, Access to bucket truck or other equipment to reach areas of rehabilitation far off the ground, Clean and remove debris on or under structures, Protect existing MTA utilities and facilities as needed to perform required repair, Obtain OCMC lane closure permits as required, Repair work may require confined space training and certificates, Coordinate with MTA and obtain required permits and insurances to perform repairs, Remove spalling concrete surfaces (including shotcrete or gunite) and replace with mortar or structural concrete, and Reset masonry facing on pier walls. BQE Deck Repairs: Remove existing asphalt overlay and install roadway steel plates as required, Perform concrete sounding and remove loose and unstable concrete as required, Remove and replace existing deck and joints as required, Removal and installation of existing bridge railing and curbs as required, Placement of asphalt overlay pavement, Implement complex work zone traffic control to maintain traffic as required, Obtain Office of Construction Mitigation Coordination (OCMC) lane closure permits as required, Clean and remove debris on or under structures, and Restore landscaping include hardscape. Steel Work: Remove existing rivets and/or bolts and replace with new high strength bolts, Weld sections of steel plates to existing steel members, when necessary as part of the rehabilitation work, Reconstruct connections between steel members, when necessary as part of the rehabilitation work, Replace or reconstruct steel members and bearings including beams, webs and flanges, column angles, channels and stiffeners, Replace deck expansion joints, Replace guard, bridge and handrails of various types, in kind, Installation/Repair – temporary structural steel beams/columns, and Installation of micropiles / steel frame. Miscellaneous Work: Provide temporary shoring of beams, stringers and columns, Clean clogged catch basins and drainage systems, Remove and replace existing drainage systems, Rebuild areas of erosion and provide slope control (Rip-Rap), Pave roadway surfaces, Clean and remove debris on or under structures, Install and remove traffic barricades, Repair and replace fencing, Excavate and dispose of all materials encountered where required, Paint existing metal surfaces and coat concrete surfaces with waterproofing material, and Furnish and drive sheeting and piles, repair of existing piles. The Contractor shall substantially complete the Work in 1095 days beginning on the date indicated in the Notice to Proceed or Order to Work. Deadline for questions is September 15, 2021 by 4:00pm. M/WBE goal is 30%. Bonds

New York City DOT
Hari Velkur
 (212) 839-9435
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