ID: 555564

2020 Crack Filling Project, Indian Head Park IL

Cook County

Owner Reference: 7300703

Past bid date

Trades: General Engineering Contractor

Licenses: A

In general, the project consists of crack filling joints and cracks in asphalt pavement with fiber modified asphalt. The work shall consist of all work necessary for furnishing and placing fiber modified asphalt in accordance with Local Roads Special Provisions and Special Detail LR 451 Crack Filling Bituminous Pavement with Fiber-Asphalt including traffic control and protection and all incidental and collateral work necessary to complete the project as shown on the Plans. This work will take place on the following Village Streets: Elmwood Drive, Westwood Drive, Sweetwood Court, Deercrest Lane, Cascade Drive, Buttonwood Court, Hawthorne Square, Stonehearth Lane and Square, Elmwood Square, Tanglewood Court, Pembrook Drive, and Elmwood Court. This work is to be substantially completed within 60 calendar days of notice to proceed. Bond is required please refer to documents for further details about wage rates.

John DuRocher
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Published 09/10/2020 on Construction Bid Source
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