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ID: 540564

5.956 Miles of Widneing and Reconstruction on Old Alabama Road Project, Atlanta GA

Wayne County

Owner Reference: 621410

Past bid date

Trades: General Engineering Contractor

Licenses: A

5.956 Miles of Widneing and Reconstruction on Old Alabama Rd Beginning at Sr 113 and Extending to Paga Mine Rd; Also Includes Construction of 3 Bridges and Approaches. Pavement markings shall be provided on all surfaces that are placed over existing markings. Interim and final markings shall conform in type and location to the markings that existed prior to resurfacing unless changes or additions are noted in the Contract. The replacement of parking spaces will not be required unless a specific item or note has been included in the Contract. Any work to make additions to the markings that existed prior to resurfacing is to be considered as extra work. Widening And Reconstruction Projects, If the lane configuration is altered from the preconstruction layout then pavement markings will be as required by the plans or the Engineer. All pavement markings, both interim and permanent, shall be applied to a clean surface. The Contractor shall furnish the layout and preline the roadway surface for the placement of pavement markings applied as part of the temporary traffic control plan. All interim marking tape and RPM’s on the final surface shall be removed prior to the placement of the final markings. The Contractor shall sequence the work in such a manner as to allow the installation of markings in the final lane configuration at the earliest possible stage of the work. Markings no longer applicable shall be removed in accordance with Section 656. The elimination of conflicting pavement markings by over painting with unapproved paint or any type of liquid asphalt is not acceptable. Performance bond in the full penal sum of the Contract and payment bond in an amount equal to 110 percent of the full penal sum of the Contract. The aggregate amount of the bonds shall be 210 percent of the full penal sum of the Contract. This project encouraged MBE/WBE Participation.

Timothy Swink
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Published 05/25/2020 on Construction Bid Source
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