ID: 600098

Callaway Replace HVAC, Carroll County, GA

Carroll County

Owner Reference: 15-21013

Past bid date

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Trades: Heating Ventilating Air Conditioning HVAC, Chiller

Licenses: C20, S350, CA, RA, C1F

This project includes the demolition of the existing multizone unit serving the original Callaway building, its condensing unit, and all associated refrigerant and hot water piping. A new VAV air handler will go in its place with ECM fan array, preheat coil, chilled water coil, and (15) VAV boxes with hot water reheat to serve the existing to remain zones. New thermostats will be provided to control the VAV boxes. This project also includes the replacement of the Callaway Annex air cooled chiller. A chiller will go back in its place, large enough to serve both new and existing air handling units. The chiller will have an acoustical sound package, and an integral pumping skid so serve both portions of the building without having to provide pumps in the Callaway mechanical room. Bonds required.

Tyler Larkin
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Published 09/07/2021 on Construction Bid Source
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