ID: 629566

Mill & Inlay, IH0020, Midland County, TX

Midland County

Owner Reference: 6403-22-001

Past bid date

Estimate: $1,644,846.75

Trades: Highway, Road Improvement, Parking Lot Pavement Construction/Repair: Resurfacing or Chip Seal - General Engineering Contractor, Pavement Marking & Striping, General Engineering Contractor GEC

Licenses: C32, CO-18, CO-16, A, E100, CO-01, CG, RG, A

This is a solicitation for contractors interested in entering into a State Let Maintenance Contract to provide mill & inlay work on IH0020 and various in Midland County. The Engineer will give written notice to begin work. Call Out work on this contract will be issued by work order. The work order locations are subject to change depending on District need. Each work order may include multiple roadways within Midland, Andrews, Martin and Upton counties Once work has started, prosecute the work continuously to completion. Maintain ingress and egress to side streets and private property at all times. During milling and filling operations a “wedge” of material shall be placed longitudinally between lanes, at intersections and driveways. Material will be as approved by the engineer. This work will not be paid for directly but will be subsidiary to various bid items. Time for Completion: 40 Working Days. Bonds required. Prevailing wages.

Fred Herrera, P.E.
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Published 05/21/2022 on Construction Bid Source
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