ID: 629270

Mill & Inlay, SH0006, Brazos Co., TX

Brazos County

Owner Reference: 6399-77-001

Past bid date

Estimate: $916,720.00

Trades: Highway, Road Improvement, Parking Lot Pavement Construction/Repair: Resurfacing or Chip Seal - General Engineering Contractor, General Engineering Contractor GEC, Pavement Marking & Striping

Licenses: C32, CO-18, A, E100, CO-01, CG, RG, A, CO-16

This is a solicitation for contractors interested in entering into a State Let Maintenance Contract consisting of mill and inlay on SH0006 on various roads in Brazos County. This is a non-site specific (callout) Contract. Multiple Work Orders will be used to procure work of the type identified in the Contract. Contractor will be provided the list of locations in the first work order prior to the pre-construction meeting. Contractor may expect a Work Order to have multiple locations including multiple roadways within the various counties listed under this Contract. Time for Contract Completion: 365 calendar days.

James Robbins
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Published 05/18/2022 on Construction Bid Source
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