This is a re-advertisement of a Project for which bids">

ID: 606062

RE-BID California Conservation Corps Ukiah Center Replacement, Willits, CA

Mendocino County

Owner Reference: 1826 / 21-80703 RE-BID

Bid Date: 12/07/2021 at 02:00pm
1 Days until bid date

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Estimate: $50,786,100

Trades: General Contractor GC, Fire Alarm Protection & Suppression Contractor

Licenses: B, B100, CO-21, CG, RG, B, C16, S370, EF, C41

This is a re-advertisement of a Project for which bids were opened on September 16, 2021 and no contract was awarded. Scope of original work and Drawings and Project Manual have been revised.  New Drawings, Project Manual, and Bid Forms are included as part of this readvertisement. Project comprises labor, material and services necessary for: Earthwork, Wetland Improvements, storm system, site work, utilities, concrete placement, carpentry, electrical, low voltage, photovoltaics, Audio/visual, telecommunications, fire alarm and systems, generators, mechanical, fueling tanks, commercial kitchen and all related items. This project is designed to attain LEED Silver certification (minimum) and Zero Net Energy. Term is 660 Calendar Days. DBE incentives.

Bonds required. Prevailing wages.

Tara Marconi
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Published 10/31/2021 on Construction Bid Source
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