ID: 636752

RE-BID: Royal Lane Park Tennis Courts, Clinton, NC

Sampson County

Past bid date

Trades: Sports Courts & Athletic Fields: Artificial Turf, Track Tennis Basketball Volleyball Pickleball Exercise Playgrounds, General Engineering Contractor GEC

Licenses: D47, S500, A, E100, CO-01, CG, RG, A, A

The City will perform certain portions if the required work related to this project, including but not limited to tree removal, storm drainage, and walkways. This bid shall be for the actual tennis court components (pad grading, stone base, asphalt paving, surface coatings, fences, gates nets, as outlined on the bid form. Tree and stump removal has been completed. Site grading, drainage, and concrete walks is NOT included in this bid, is shown for information only and will be performed by others. Court lighting is also NOT included in this bid, is shown for information only, and may be bid separately, subject to availability of funding. The City intends to place these bids on the September 6th City Council Agenda for consideration of contract award, based on availability of funds, and the lowest responsive responsible bid received, staff intends to send a contract to the successful bidder for execution within one week of Council Award, and will require the bidder to fully execute the contract within fourteen calendar days. Failure to do so will result in rejection of the low bid. By signing and submitting their bid, each bidder acknowledges the requirement to expedite the execution of a contract in accordance with the RFP as specified in the REBID Request For Proposals. The contract documents shall include W9, certificates of insurance, etc.

Russell Byrd, P.E., City Engineer
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Published 08/08/2022 on Construction Bid Source
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