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ID: 588284

Renovate Officer Unaccompanied Housing, Vance Air Force Base, Enid, OK

Garfield County

Owner Reference: IFB270B

Past bid date

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Trades: General Contractor GC

Licenses: B, B100, CO-21

Replace portions and abandon portions of the existing HVAC system and replace with PTAC system. Repair or replace water damaged drywall near windows. Replacement of windows in each room and the exterior aggregate panels near windows. Renovation of kitchen including: Repair, replace, and renovate surfaces damaged by mold. Installation of anti-scaling system to mitigate hard water build up on kitchen fixtures. Replace electric burners in ranges to make max temperature compliant. Renovation of bathrooms, including but not limited to: Sink with vanities, toilets with full lids, floor tile, shower fixtures, shower surface or liner and drains. Connections for future installation of bidets shall be implemented in eight rooms per facility. Enclose existing breezeways and repair entrance stairs. Modify site grading, parking, sidewalks, and ramps for compliance with architectural barriers act. Upgrade of electrical service including electrical panel board, transformers, and feeder lines. Renovate two rooms per facility to make accessible. Renovation of fire alarm system within each vestibule, including replacing existing pull station with new at code required locations and providing for new smoke detectors connecting to existing fire alarm panel. Repair and replace worn and damaged surfaces and materials as noted in design drawings. Bonds required and prevailing wages.

Teddy Thomas
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Published 05/26/2021 on Construction Bid Source
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