ID: 623869

Request for Contractor Prequalification, Projects over $500,000, Thornton, CO

Adams County

Owner Reference: 109-22

Bid Date: 10/30/2022 at 02:00pm
34 Days until bid date

Estimate: $500,000 +

Trades: General Engineering Contractor GEC, Highway, Road/Parking Lot, Bridge, Dam, Overpass, Runway Construction: General Engineering Contractor - NAICS Code: 237310, General Contractor GC, Landscaping Contractor: Grounds Maintenance, Soil Prep, Planting, Clearing, Grubbing, Fertilizing, Mowing,Trimming, Rooting, Mul, Pipeline Contractor: Water Mains, Sewer Lines, Wastewater Systems & Related Structures; possible Video Camera Inspections, Concrete Contractor: Pedestrian Improvements, Repairs, Sidewalks, Curbs, Driveways & Handicap ADA Ramps NIGP 913-47, , Water Supply & Irrigation Contractor: May include Backflow Testing, Water Sprinkler Systems for Landscaping

Licenses: A, E100, CO-01, CG, RG, A, A, CO-10, B, B100, CO-21, CG, RG, B, B, C27, S330, CO-15, S390, S410, C34, CO-22, RU, CU, C8, S260, C5, CO-12, S212, C27

The City of Thornton (“Thornton”) is requesting Statement of Qualification (SOQ) submittals from General Contractors (“Respondent”) interested in becoming prequalified to bid on City of Thornton projects over five hundred thousand dollars ($500,000). Note: Contractors previously prequalified or renewed in 2020/2021/2022 do not need to respond to this solicitation.

Jim Jensen
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Published 04/03/2022 on Construction Bid Source
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