ID: 627873

SCADA System Replacement, Operations Ctr & Remote Sites, Henrico Co., VA

Henrico County

Owner Reference: 22-2336-4JL

Past bid date

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Trades: WWTP Wastewater Treatment Plant Construction & Repair: Tank Power Wash, Pressure Washing - General Engineering Contractor, Electrical Contractor - Including Lighting and Possible High Voltage

Licenses: C10, S200, C2

The Work consists of the following: 1. Program and implement SCADA network and related communication interfaces. 2. New programmable logic controller (PLC) hardware, operator interface terminal (OIT) hardware, and appurtenances for control system hardware upgrade of existing control panels. 3. Provide new control panels, new subpanels, server racks, network cabinets, termination cabinets, and associated appurtenances. 4. Modification of existing and installation of new wiring and conduit. 5. Demolition of existing panels and subpanels. 6. Provide new Uninterruptible Power Supply Units. 7. Provide and program PLC software for migration of existing logic and developing new logic. 8. Provide human machine interface (HMI) software and perform HMI software configuration. 9. Provide historian software and perform historian software configuration 10. Programming and configuration of new head-end SCADA system computer hardware for all SCADA system software. SCADA system computer hardware shall include, but is not limited to, managed network switches, servers, computer workstations, and thin client workstations. 11. Configuration of redundant SCADA server environments. 12. Configuration of redundant terminal services environments. 13. Configuration of Microsoft Windows server environments for setup of SCADA system license servers and associated administrative features. 14. Provide ancillary SCADA system software and associated programming including, but not limited to, the following: alarm notification software, report software, uninterruptible power supply (UPS) status monitoring software. 15. Start-up and testing of SCADA system networks at OWNER’s Woodman Road Operations Center, Parham Road Western Government Center, and remote sites, including pre-tests, post-tests, and complete loop checks for each upgraded existing control panel and new control panel. 16. Include web browser implementation and establishing communication with the Owner’s Water Reclamation Facility, Water Treatment Facility, Parham Road Administration Annex, and Cobbs Creek Reservoir site. 17. Perform control room modifications. 18. Install new air conditioning units. 19. All other work as shown and specified. All Work shall be Substantially Complete within 821 calendar days from the date the Contract Time commences. Bonds required.

Jianchong Luo
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Published 05/06/2022 on Construction Bid Source
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