ID: 555567

Systemwide Design And CM Services For Landscape Services, Downers Grove IL

Dupage County

Owner Reference: 21-557THA-ENGCO-B-17249

Past bid date

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Trades: Construction Management, Landscaping, NIGP 988-36 Grounds Maintenance, Mowing, Edging, Planting, Trimming

Licenses: C27

The work to be done under this contract shall be started on or about February 11, 2021. All work under this contract shall be completed by June 2, 2025. The location of services to be performed on the Tri-State Tollway (I-294) between Mile Post 0,0 and Mile Post 17.5 in Lake County, Illinois. (Cook). The scope of the work shall consist of, but is not limited to: Planting of balled and burlapped, bare root and container grown, trees and shrubs, maintenance and monitoring of installed trees and shrubs during the planting and extended establishment period, seeding and interseeding, mowing for interseeding preparation and maintenance mowing, tree and shrub removal, weed control, pruning and mulching existing trees and shrubs, erosion and sediment control, and maintenance of traffic operations. Bonds required please refer to documents for further details about wage rates. This project encouraged M/WBE participation.

Danna Hall
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Published 09/10/2020 on Construction Bid Source
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