ID: 590993

Traffic Signal & Traffic Sign Poles, Attachments & Accessories, Canton, OH

Stark County

Past bid date

Trades: Suppliers

The City of Canton Engineering Dept is seeking bids for supplying signal & traffic sign poles. This item shall be steel type signal poles of the anchor base variety. Poles shall maintain a 16-flute cross-section and arms shall maintain an octaflute shape. It shall include all gauges and diameters of poles, including mast arms and their required fittings. The pole shaft shall be fabricated from a minimum of 11 gauge (.1196) hot rolled commercial steel. The shaft shall have only one (1) longitudinal, automatically, electrically welded joint, and shall have no intermediate horizontal joints nor welds. Only one (1) length of steel sheet shall be used, which shall be formed into a continuously tapered shaft, having a taper of .14" per foot. See attached IFB for additional specifications. Bonds & insurance apply.

Katie Wise
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Published 06/18/2021 on Construction Bid Source
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