ID: 532502

Venice Barry, Parking Garage Deck Repair Project, Los Angeles CA

Los Angeles County

Owner Reference: Project Number UA1825

Past bid date

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Trades: Concrete, Fire Protection, D6 - Concrete Related Services

Licenses: C8, C16

Repair approximately 1,200 square feet of spalled concrete deck ceiling on the upper parking garage. Repair shall include removal of all spalling or loose concrete. Areas to be repaired must be clean, sound, and free of contaminants. All loose and deteriorated concrete shall be removed by mechanical means. Mechanically prepare the concrete substrate to obtain a new exposed aggregate surface. Remove and repair rebar where reinforcing steel with active corrosion is encountered. Sandblast the steel to a white metal finish to remove all contaminants and rust. Where corrosion has occurred due to the presence of chlorides, high pressure wash the steel after mechanical cleaning. Inspection of rebar repair and application of Sika Repair Materials shall be reviewed by a Certified Deputy Inspector, ensuring that Contractor is following Construction Drawings and Recommended Manufacturer Installation Procedures. Replacement and treating of rebar shall as shown on the drawings. Grouting, crack filling, use of shotcrete or manually applying vertical overhead cementitious repair mortar shall be as indicated on drawings at indicated locations. The uncured material shall be cleaned from tools with water. The cured cement mortar can only be removed mechanically. Final Sika sealer products shall be applied to newly installed concrete.

Javier Barajas
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Venice Barry Concrete Specs.pdf
Published 04/14/2020 on Construction Bid Source
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