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ID: 570997

Water Chemicals, Bloomington, IL.

McLean County

Owner Reference: 2021-21

Past bid date

Trades: Chemical, Suppliers

Bid shall be submitted for Anhydrous Ammonia stating grade of material to be supplied. Approximate usage - 40,000 to 70,000 lbs. Bidder shall supply the City with Anhydrous Ammonia delivered and unloaded into a receiving tanks at the Water Treatment Plant at Lake Bloomington. There are two leased tanks with a total capacity of the tanks at 7280 lbs. (One tank is 1000 gal. and the other is 750 gal.) Bidder shall provide manufacturer approved training on the hazards, handling and storage of the product. Bidder shall provide cost estimates for installation of new tanks and lease details for their tanks.Bid shall be submitted based on AWWA Standard Specifications for Carbon Dioxide. Approximate usage - 500 to 750 tons per year.Bid shall be submitted based on Food Chemical Codex Specifications for Sodium Polyphosphate, glassy (plates), 50 pound or less multiwall bags. Approximate usage: 18,000 – 20,000 lbs/year.Bid shall be submitted based on AWWA Standard Specifications for Liquid Chlorine. Approximate usage - 150,000 lbs.Bid shall be submitted based on AWWA Standard Specifications for Ferric Sulphate - Liquid. Approximate usage - 0 to 200 tons per year. Work from 2021-2022. 10% Bonds. Bloomington, IL.

Kevin Whitehouse
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Bid #2021-21 Water Chemicals.pdf
Published 01/18/2021 on Construction Bid Source
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