About Us

Construction Bid Source is an online Trade and Focus publication that delivers up to date information on construction projects out to bid in the US. In addition to our leads on projects and bids, we provide DBE Solicitation advertising and Good Faith Effort support for your bid and other project related needs.

Regis Communications, a Women-Owned Sole Proprietorship, created Construction Bid Source Interactive (CBSi) in 1992. The purpose of the company was to provide contractors and suppliers with information on construction projects out to bid in California and other western states and assist with the construction bid process.

Initially, Construction Bid Source operated out of a small office in Milpitas California, faxing information to customers than later running on a dial up Bulletin Board Service (BBS). With the advancement of Internet, CBSi went on-line in 1994 and launched the Construction Bid Source web site at www.regis-usa.com. The company has since continued to provide quality construction bidding information and has listed hundreds of thousands of projects in California and abroad over the years. In January of 2005, the company launched a new completely redesigned web site with a new URL at www.constructionbidsource.com.

Regis Communications / Construction Bid Source worked closely with the State of California Department of General Services (GSA) in the early days of Internet connectivity and was one of the first companies to be listed in the GSA resource package as an Electronic Trade and Focus publication - providing services to Disadvantaged Business Enterprises and General Contractors bidding on State projects.

The company has two bases: one in Templeton, California and the other in Raleigh, North Carolina.

We maintain a policy of free telephone support for its services during normal business hours, 5 days a week and believes strongly in customer satisfaction and welcomes suggestions and comments from its members and the general public.

Our staff and publishers have practical experience in the construction and A & E industries in the United States. They are committed to providing you, our customers, with a friendly efficient service. We encourage the use of telephone dialog to solve problems.

If you would like to know more about us, call toll free, 1-888-786-9450 or contact us, we'll be happy to respond.