Good Faith Efforts

Good Faith Effort (GFE) Information & Pricing

What is a Good Faith Effort (GFE)?

A Good Faith Effort (GFE) is a documentation packet that demonstrates and documents a sincere effort by the prime bidder to hire one or more Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE) or Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUB). For certain Public Works or taxpayer-funded projects, prime bidding contractors must submit a GFE outreach documentation packet alongside their formal construction or supplies bid. If the project involves Federal funds, a GFE is mandatory. The Administering Local Agency, also known as the "Owner" of the project, defines and publishes the GFE requirements, typically found in the bid documents or invitation to bid. Various acronyms like DBE, DVBE, UDBE, MBE, WBE, and others represent specific DBEs, and qualification details can be found on your state's DBE Certification website.

How Can CBS Help You?

Construction Bid Source, LLC, has been assisting contractors with GFE requirements since 1994. As a Trade & Focus publication, we initially helped contractors fulfill GFE requirements as part of their bidding process. Over time, contractors entrusted us with handling the entire GFE process. We adhere to the United States Federal Department of Transportation (FDOT) standards when performing the Owner's GFE requirements. We simplify the process by completing the GFE on your behalf and delivering the completed document in PDF format. If you're overwhelmed or too busy to manage the GFE process effectively, let us assist you.

What You Get

Our complete GFE Outreach Documentation Packet includes:

  • DBE / HUB Outreach Ad posted on the CBS online Trade & Focus Publication website and our Social Media pages (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn).
  • Contacts with Associations and/or Labor agencies, requesting assistance (up to 5 Ads).
  • Research print-outs for solicitation listings.
  • Compilation of a Master List of solicitation contacts with corresponding phone calls.
  • Creation, management, and compilation of solicitation transmittals via email.
  • Documentation of Email and/or Fax Transmittal Reports.
  • Reporting of follow-up phone calls, emails, and solicitations sent, if required.
  • Comprehensive documentation of all outreach efforts.
  • Assistance with filling out other necessary forms to submit with the GFE package.


Standard GFE Outreach Documentation Packet pricing starts at US$250. Pricing varies depending on the extent of work required and the time involved. The "Owner" or Administering Local Agency determines the type and amount of effort needed.

What We Need From You

To assist you effectively, we require:

  • Adequate time, preferably 2 weeks before the bid date. Rush orders (less than 10 working days) incur a $50.00 surcharge.
  • A primary contact person from your company with name, phone, and email.
  • Project ID number. If not in the CBS online database, call us at 1-888-786-9450.
  • Preferred date for sub bids submission (before the bid date).
  • Bid date and time of the actual project.
  • Specific sub-trades and supplier categories you need fulfilled by subcontractors.
  • Information on where to obtain plans/specifications.
  • Bonding assistance details if applicable.

Additional Charges May Include

  • Affidavit of Publication ($50).
  • Cost of ads placed with other publications or newspapers (with customer approval).
  • Additional follow-up phone calls and corresponding reports.
  • Fed-Ex shipping charges (only when email or fax is unavailable).


  • You, the Customer, negotiate in good faith with respondents; CBSLLC does not negotiate on your behalf.
  • You, the Customer, are obligated to make every effort to meet Good Faith Goals.
  • Customers must have at least a Free Membership on the CBS website.
  • Payment is due upon GFE completion.

For general inquiries, call us toll-free at 1-888-786-9450.