Construction Bid Notices

From Local, Regional, State and Federal Sources

Why Local, Regional, State and Federal Bid Notices?

Each year the U.S. government spends over a trillion dollars and as this money filters down to the state, county and local governments, a good portion is allocated for construction related projects including maintaining our roads, utilities, building and infrastructure. There are also procedures and requirements set by the government to put these projects out to bid. One of the reqirements is that bid notices are put out to the public, so that private construction companies can engage in the bidding process. This process is called “public procurement.”

Why Construction Bid Source?

Every day Construction Bid Source aggregates public bid notices from thousands of sources in the states that we cover so that you don't have to spend the time searching. We also put people to work, finding, entering and reviewing this data, so it is real human eyes that maintain our data, not robots or artificial intellegence. We take pride in the quality of our data, and we always take a "Customer First" approach. We've been doing this since 1992.

Contact us anytime, we are more than happy to talk to you. Our services are simple and straight forward, with a paid membership, you can get daily projects out to bid delivered to your email for the specific state and counties that you work in plus access to bid documents. No complicated regions, access to everything for one low cost. Check out our customer testimonials.

Some Advantages to Using Our Service

  • Put your project searches on auto-pilot
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If you and your team are looking to establish a trusted relationship with a company that specializes in publishing Public Works projects from local, county, state and Federal sources, we will go the extra mile for you.