Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE)
And Historically Underutilized Business (HUB)

Recognized Authority:

The State of California, along with an expanding list of other states, acknowledges Construction Bid Source as an approved platform for placing outreach advertisements that cater to Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE) and Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUB) to meet Good Faith Effort (GFE) requirements. When you choose Construction Bid Source, your advertisement not only satisfies GFE requirements but also provides comprehensive coverage across both Trade and Focus areas. If you're bidding on construction projects with GFE requirements, this is your go-to destination for all your DBE / HUB outreach needs.

Affordable and Accessible:

For only $25, your ad gets showcased in both the Trade and Focus categories. This exposure remains accessible to others for viewing up to 30 days beyond the Bid Date. Afterward, your ad is automatically archived in our DBE / HUB Ads archive, ensuring you can revisit it whenever you need to.

DBE / HUB Outreach Features

  • Seamless Project Attachment: Instantly attach your ad to any project listed on the Construction Bid Source website.
  • Track Engagement: Keep tabs on fellow members who've viewed your ad and access their contact information.
  • Social Media Boost: Benefit from our wide-reaching social media presence on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn as we actively promote your ads.
  • RSS Integration: Your ads are seamlessly integrated into our RSS feed, reaching a broader audience.
  • Enhanced Visibility: Your ads gain additional exposure by featuring on our dedicated DBE / HUB Outreach ads index page
  • Archival Accessibility: Ads are automatically archived 30 days after the bid date, ensuring you always have convenient access to them.
  • Preloaded Company Info: Your company information is conveniently preloaded into the ads.
  • Flexible Editing: Enjoy the freedom to edit your ads at any time, 24/7, to keep your outreach efforts up-to-date.

Extend Your Reach through Social Media

Your outreach ad doesn't stop at our website. We amplify your reach by actively promoting your ad on the Construction Bid Source Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook pages.

Unlock Exclusive Benefits - Become a Member

Free Membership: If you have a few outreach ads to post, our FREE membership option might be perfect for your needs. Each ad is priced at just $25.

Annual DBE / HUB Outreach Membership: If you find yourself posting more than 10 advertisements annually, our annual membership offers unbeatable value. Enjoy the convenience of placing unlimited outreach ads for an entire year, all for just $250.

Got Questions? We're Here to Assist!

Should you have any inquiries or require assistance, don't hesitate to contact us at (888) 786-9450. We're committed to helping you succeed in your DBE and HUB outreach endeavors.

DBE / HUB Outreach
$250 / year
Terms: Non-cancellable, non-refundable.
Unlimited DBE / HUB Outreach Advertising